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Commissioning, M&V, and Data Visualization
Deep analytics to maintain optimal performance

Livingstone provides valuable strategic insight to stakeholders through the measurement, analysis, and presentation of data. This enables well-informed decision making and fosters creative approaches to improving the way we guide sustainable change.

Our team is highly qualified in the commissioning of building systems, the measurement and verification of asset data, and the clear visualization of that data for ease of sharing and maximum impact. Focusing on translating context and narrative through data storytelling helps us achieve the intended impact, ensuring such insights are not only meaningful but useful.

Specific solutions and expertise:

Commissioning Services
Bringing building systems into smooth operation, either at the start or retrospectively

Energy Analysis and Benchmarking
Applying innovative tactics to optimize building performance and increase real estate value

Resource Efficiency
Making the most of natural resources, minimizing consumption and waste

Data Insight and Analytics
Analyzing asset data to deliver valuable insights

Helping to communicate often complex messages to a wider audience, enabling better-informed decision making

CMVP Measurement and Verification
Assigning qualified professionals to M&V analysis and reporting

Performance Reporting and Dashboard Design
Communicating live, essential information which enables informed, engaged, and dynamic building operation

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