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Cutting OPEX through energy conservation

Reducing OPEX is a key driver for our clients. Helping them understand their energy usage and the opportunities for achieving and sustaining real consumption reductions is the first step. This is something we’ve achieved time and time again, saving our clients approximately 100 million kWh in their collective energy consumption.


All our clients are continually looking to improve their energy efficiency and/or flexibility in demand timing or profiles. Technology is the answer, but finding the right solution and making sure it’s fit for purpose and implemented at best value is the real challenge.


We begin by leveraging asset data and site surveys to create an opportunity model. Then we identify trials, establish a sound methodology and conduct thorough analysis to generate a solid, board-ready business case. We follow this up by supporting the procurement process, managing implementation and delivering a post-implementation review.


Cost-effective metering and monitoring now add live granular data for better decision making. Other benefits include new and better innovations/technologies, interconnected controls and IoT benefits, all underwritten by strong governance to provide high confidence levels in decision making.

Consultant’s insight

With near saturation of the ‘obvious’, ‘quick win’ energy conservation measures, more ambitious and complex solutions need to be explored. Monitoring and reporting for the assurance of sustained benefits is essential to avoid energy drift after improvements have been made. Using this data in conjunction with exploration and assessment of new innovations, as well as embracing the unexpected, is a growing challenge.

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