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Innovation Governance & Research
Realizing the past and commanding the possibilities of the future

Livingstone is focused on meeting the needs of a growing, more urbanized world population by changing the way we build and interact with our environment. With lots of companies realizing the true demand for climate solutions, the market is flooded with the next best solution; however, not all are necessarily the right fit. Combining multiple overlapping innovations can have very unintended and unintuitive consequences, often offsetting each other’s benefits.

Through our uniquely developed model known as TAP (Technology Adoption Platform, which is equal parts technology evaluation tool and solution-to-building model), we keep a constant eye on technological developments. Expertise in the execution of tried-and-true solutions with a thumb on the pulse of today’s innovations enables our clients to make the most of tomorrow.

We share our insights and expertise to help firms develop investment strategies, enhance technology commercialization, model solutions for building- or portfolio-specific applications, and carry out targeted research to fill specific gaps to meet company objectives. We are committed to differentiating the black box from true and trusted innovation.

Specific solutions and expertise:

Market Research
Staying abreast of current best practice and investigating future trends to support business plans

Technology Commercialization
Working with technology providers to bring solutions to market — focused on owner/operator need, independent assessment, and collaborative verification and validation with direct owner/operator feedback

Innovation Scouting and Emerging Technologies Research
Finding new, better, and unexpected innovations worthy of investment

Targeted Research
Identifying and proving innovative solutions to meet a specific set of needs

Solution-to-Building Modeling
Evaluating innovative and off-the-shelf technologies to deliver a comprehensive solution based on the owner’s weighted design criteria, such as total cost of ownership, short-term payback, regulatory considerations, etc.

Innovation Governance
Advising on innovation strategy and helping implement an effective innovation practice

Future Cities
Providing expert insight into the challenges and solutions of future cities and the built environment

Future Food
Helping clients to understand and prepare for the future demands and opportunities of food production, services, and retail, including the nexus of e-commerce and bricks and mortar

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