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A full suite of sustainability services
We regard sustainability as the most important consideration in creating a global built environment that can support the world’s growing population. We place it front and centre of all our work, so you can be assured that any advice or project you commission from Livingstone will exceed compliance requirements and continue to deliver environmental benefits long into the future.

As of 1 April 2019, The SECR replaced the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), requiring many more UK businesses to disclose their energy and carbon emissions by law. We can advise you on what you are required to report (different types of business have different requirements) and carry out the measurements to enable you to put your reports together, or author the reports alongside your team.


The inputs and outputs of the materials and energy you use can be measured and analysed to show the environmental impact caused by any single product or service throughout its life cycle. By providing you with a clear picture of these assessments, we can help you to make better better decisions, guided by the real-world whole life cycle cost of investments, designs, technologies and more.


Transparency over your carbon footprint is good for any business making efforts to reduce its carbon emissions. It also helps to inform a sustainability strategy, setting tangible goals established through carbon modelling and carbon accounting. We work with businesses to measure and explain the carbon impact of their products and services and to implement strategies for reducing the carbon footprint.


The 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) include a number of items that affect the built environment. Livingstone has the scope to impact on nine of the 17 goals directly through our work, specifically SDGs 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13 and 17. We can track your progress towards these goals, first identifying and prioritising targets before implementing the necessary steps, measuring the results, reporting and obtaining assurance.


As boards address the need to comply with increasing sustainability regulations, we can offer strategic guidance on taking the initiative and making sustainability a positive contributor to brand equity. We will help you to build a detailed sustainability plan that improves performance throughout your supply chain, builds trust in your brand and gives you a valuable edge.


The use of natural resources is becoming increasingly important for businesses to consider within their strategic plan. In a world growing increasingly aware of sustainability, environmental and reputational damage go hand in hand. Our knowledge of resource use can help you to put together a strategy that accesses the positive opportunities offered for innovating across the value chain.


The trend away from landfill and toxic waste towards a circular economy, where all materials are recycled, requires a completely new way of thinking. We can help you through that process, providing examples of working circular models and facilitating collaborations with businesses that can complement your circular economy strategy.


By assessing the energy performance throughout your built environment, we can advise and implement efficiencies that could save you thousands in running costs, as well as increasing your real estate value. From innovative sub-metering solutions to opportunities surveys, data hosting and analytics, our focus is the outcome of optimising performance, such as Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), which affect the sale value of commercial buildings, as well as highlighting areas in which improvements can be made.


Existing buildings are a prime source of opportunities for improving sustainability. We can carry out a review of your entire asset portfolio to identify the opportunities and obstacles to improving their efficiency and user comfort. Having established the plan for improvement, we can carry out the necessary actions to implement that plan.


Under the 2017 Town and Country Planning Regulations, some types of development require an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). As the name suggests, this is carried out to make planning departments fully aware of the likely environmental impact of a given development before they grant planning permission. We are qualified to carry out EIAs on your behalf, if you are required to do so.


As we seek to create buildings that contribute to the wellbeing of those who live and work in and around them, we need a way to measure this ‘social value’. Social value accounting is a method of assessing the social value of a business and its assets, just as financial accounting assesses its financial value. Our Social Value Audits provide the benchmark for improvement.

Our work is driven by an acute awareness of the rising and more urbanised global population and the demand that this is placing on environmental sustainability. As the pressure on the built environment intensifies, we are committed to providing the new thinking and action necessary to help our clients meet their goals while reducing their impact on the planet’s natural resources.

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