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looking up to the peak of building questioning the city of the future

The city of the future

For hundreds of years, the city – from Rome to Tokyo, Athens to Las Vegas – has been a symbol of culture, civilisation and growth. But as we increase our awareness of the impact of cities on the environment, social welfare and mental health, the city of the future could become almost unrecognisable from its former self.

The world’s urban populations are growing and with that come problems: pollution, social isolation, overcrowding, stress… Cities are going to have to change something fundamental in order to improve the quality of life they afford their inhabitants.

The ‘Future Cities’ supplement, published in The Times last June, explored some of the technological developments currently reshaping cities such as Porto, Stockholm, New York and London. From net-zero carbon buildings to smart offices that can actually boost productivity and increase engagement, it gives a glimpse of what is possible with an understanding of technology and a bit of imagination.

It also highlights why this matters. Beside an article on smart cities is the stark statistic that, while cities cover a mere 2% of the planet, they are home to 50% of the population, consume 75% of global energy and emit 80% of global CO2.

These statistics reinforce what we’ve known for years: that cities are clearly where we need to instigate change. But they also highlight the positive message that we’re keen to share with our customers at Livingstone: that we can make a big difference to the planet as a whole by focusing our creativity on a very small proportion of the planet.

Prepare for a future where buildings think, engage and learn from their own data to design themselves for maximum operational efficiency and optimum human interaction. We’re already working on it.

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